What happened in Omar Khadr Case?

What happened in Omar Khadr Case?

You might have come across several filed cases regarding different crimes. But, not all cases be a sensational one, even if it is being so, it may be a usual thing that happens higher range in the country. In such a case can you believe that a specified case was highly spoken by all over the country and be placed about its updates in the first column of crime cases? It is nothing but a famous Omar Khadr case, where 15 years old minor had been accused of murdering the US officer in Afghanistan. 

Majority of people show eagerness to know what really happened in the Omar Khadr case. But in reality, it is not that easy to go through the case without knowing the first lead of them. In case, if you are interested to know about the Omar Khadr case and story behind that, then first you should know about Omar Khadr, which includes all W questions who is he, where from, what he did & when did the case start.

Khadr case resources:

Omar Khadr walks to meet the press before a news conference after being released on bail in Edmonton, Alberta, May 7, 2015. Khadr, a Canadian, was once the youngest prisoner held on terror charges at Guantanamo Bay. (Todd Korol/Reuters)

The case starts in 2002 when Canadian Omar Khadr was captured by US forces in Afghanistan. If you are new to the case resource then, by now you might have started thinking who is this Omar Khadr and what for the case is widely spoken in public. Omar Khadr was born in Canada due to restrictions of living the family moved to Afghanistan where Khadr fought for the Taliban. In that battle, it has been reported that Khadr has killed US special force officer Sgt Christopher Speer using a hand grenade. Here are the main facts in and out of the case that is explained below on a timeline basis.

  • 2002 – Omar Khadr shot thrice by American troops at Afghanistan through which his one eyesight lost. He captured and transferred to Guantánamo Bay where his life has saved.
  • 2003 – Khadr transferred to the stockade and held at “enemy combatant”, then he was sent to Afghanistan by us official as he retains unaware about his Canadian citizen rights. However, the Canadian embassy in Bosnia has arranged for his returns to Canada.

After a long struggle back from each government Omar Khadr was detention at Guantánamo Bay for about six years. Even though there are international standards for juvenile laws for handling the minor child (below the age of 18) all those were set free for Khadr and he acknowledged as a minor child with armed conflicts.

  • 2006 – 2007 – US Military attorneys try to have two Canadian lawyers add legal strength but the military judge has dropped the case as it stays unlawful enemy combatant.
  • 2008 – Khadr reported that US military interrogators threatened him to accept the false statement. A month later defense lawyer of khaddar submits a letter from Canada saying not to send Khadr to Guantánamo after capture. Which made U.S. Military judge who was preceding Khadr’s trial was fired.

In 2008 – 2012 several radicals and judicial phenomena have followed in regular intervals later in September 2012 Khadr was brought to Canada and transferred in Millhaven Institution, a maximum-security prison for proceeding with the Omar Khadr case. In 2013 again khadr transferred to maximum security facility, the Edmonton Institution, and in 2014 Bowden Institution in Innisfail, Alta. Finally after a long way of interrogation and suffer 2017 the government apologizes to khadr and does share a huge amount of settlement with court award.


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